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Sarah Mullen

Sarah Mullen has lived and worked with a diverse variety of animal species, both domestic and wild. In 1989 she began to focus on rescue and rehabilitation of dogs and cats, though without diminishing her interest in other species in the least!

Sarah has a special interest in the remediation of fear and aggression, and recently spent a year developing training and behavioral modification programs for a number of the resident animals at WildCare in San Rafael.

Sarah has completed the advanced level Bailey and Bailey Operant Conditioning Workshops, (otherwise known as 'Chicken Camp'.) She is certified by the Consultant and Instructor Training Academy of the Marin Humane Society, and has received her CAP1 and CAP2 certifications with distinction from British trainer Kay Laurence.

The many animals with whom Sarah has lived and worked have given her great regard for the potential resilience of the mind and spirit, and especially for the considerable patience and forbearance shown us by our canine companions.


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