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Myrna Milani
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Myrna Milani Myrna Milani earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Capital University (Columbus, Ohio) and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Her interest in the relationship between humans and animals as it affects animal health and behavior led her to write seven books for the general public:

The Weekend Dog (Rawson/Scribners, 1984; Signet paper, 1985)

The Invisible Leash (New American Library, 1985; Signet paper, 1986)

The Body Language and Emotion of Dogs (William Morrow, 1986; Quill, 1993)

The Body Language and Emotion of Cats (William Morrow, 1987; Quill, 1993)

DogSmart: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Dog You Want, Keeping the Dog You Find (Contemporary Books, 1997)

CatSmart: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Caring for, and Living with Your Cat (Contemporary Books, 1998)

Preparing for the Loss of Your Pet: Saying Good bye with Love, Dignity and Peace of Mind (Prima, 1998)

Additionally, Dr. Milani has written a behavior- and bond based veterinary text, The Art of Veterinary Practice: A Guide to Client Communication (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995), the script for an audio tape, Understanding Your Cat's Behavior, for the general public, as well as scripts for the internationally broadcast

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